The 7 Best Iced Coffee Spots in Bandung

When the weather is scorching hot, there’s nothing better than hunting down the tastiest iced coffee in Bandung. Bandung, with its diverse culinary scene, is right on the trend of serving up refreshing iced coffee. From well-known coffee brands to hip cafes with killer coffee concoctions, you’ll find it all. There are even some vintage coffee shops that offer a nostalgia-inducing iced coffee experience. Check out these recommendations for the best iced coffee in Bandung.

Sejiwa Coffee: The Ultimate Iced Coffee Experience

When it comes to the best iced coffee brands in Bandung, Sejiwa Coffee is the answer. With two branches in Progo and Kiputih, Ciumbuleuit, this café is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a favorite for coffee enthusiasts. Sejiwa Coffee once went viral thanks to a visit from President Jokowi, and its transparent theme with glass walls is a unique touch.

As for the drinks, the coffee here is exceptional, with a rich flavor that truly stands out. Their signature drink is the “Es Kopi Jiwa,” a homemade recipe that can be enhanced with almond. They also offer other delicious beverages like avocado coffee, espresso on the rocks, oat milk latte, and ice cheese latte.

Meru Coffee: A Favorite Among the Youth

Another top pick for the best iced coffee in Bandung is Meru Coffee, a favorite among young people. You’ll find their cool café in Duawarna Bandung, which boasts a vintage building and even has a convenient drive-thru.

Meru’s coffee packs a strong punch, making it an ideal choice for true coffee lovers who prefer their brew less milky. Some of their favorite coffee options include “Kopi Sobat,” such as Kopi Sobat Meru, Kopi Sobat Rum, salted caramel, and marie regal. Besides iced coffee, you can also enjoy a variety of toast options, including cheese, chocolate, srikaya, chocolate peanut, and more.

Kopi Toko Djawa: Vintage Coffee with a Twist

For those familiar with the legendary Braga area, you might recall a famous bookstore that has transformed into a coffee shop: Kopi Toko Djawa. This café is an excellent choice for those seeking the tastiest iced coffee in Bandung, and its vintage design adds to the charm.

Their coffee menu includes options like Es Kopi Toko Djawa, Es Kopi Awan, plain iced coffee, and chocolate coffee. They also serve coffee with milk, hazelnut lattes, and green tea. While sipping your coffee, you can indulge in various pastries like chocolate donuts, canele, and almond croissants displayed on the counter.

Warung Kopi Purnama: Nostalgia at Its Best

Still in the nostalgic Braga area, another cool and tasty coffee spot is Warung Kopi Purnama. This “Kopitiam” has been around since 1930 under the name Chang Chong Se, which was changed to Purnama in 1966. Its strong vintage vibes make it a great place to enjoy some quality time with your parents or grandparents.

While the menu is classic, they also offer iced coffee that follows current trends, with a robust coffee flavor. Pair your coffee with their homemade srikaya spread on toast for a perfect match. Other menu options include chicken porridge, lontong cap go meh, and Purnama fried rice.

Makmur Jaya Coffee Roaster: A Hip Iced Coffee Joint

Despite its name sounding like a building supply store, Makmur Jaya Coffee Roaster is a hip coffee shop favored by the people of Bandung. With several branches, one of the most well-known is in Lengkong Besar. This coffee shop has a contemporary concept, making it a hotspot for young adults to chill while sipping their favorite coffee.

A favorite here is their creamy and delicious iced coffee, which combines palm sugar with coffee for a sweet and satisfying experience. The coffee itself is moderately strong, making it suitable for those who don’t like their coffee too intense. Other options on the menu include long black coffee, flat white, and piccolo.

Brewspace Coffee and Space: The New Kid on the Block

Brewspace Coffee is a relative newcomer to Bandung’s coffee shop scene but offers great-tasting beverages. Their iced coffee is one of the best in town, and the café itself is trendy and inviting. With a spacious layout, exposed concrete walls, and adequate lighting, it’s an ideal place to hang out.

One of their standout drinks is Brewspace Coffee, which is sweet and milky but still maintains a strong coffee flavor. What’s even better is that they offer more than just coffee; their matcha latte is also delicious and a best-seller.

Bahagia Kopi: A Happy Iced Coffee Experience

Another spot to enjoy the best iced coffee in Bandung is Bahagia Kopi, located on Banda Street. This café in the Riau Bandung area has a cozy and homely design, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s not just a coffee shop; they also have a delightful selection of cakes to accompany your coffee.

When it comes to their iced coffee, the “Es Kopi Susu Bahagia” is a top choice, as it uses honey as a sweetener instead of palm sugar, providing a unique and delightful flavor. They also offer “Es Kopi Susu Semangat” and “Hitam Manis,” which are sweetened with a secret syrup and an extra dash of black charcoal. To complete your experience, indulge in their churros and various self-decorated cakes.